Golf Karlovy Vary


Golf Karlovy Vary

Discounted green fees 1 700,- CZK

Although it is a hundred year old golf grandpa, but it is as nimble as a young man whose powers the irrigation system. Course is quite hilly with many lakes and very rugged. The fact that there is a field almost from time immemorial, there costs a lot of trees around the grounds are a park. Absolute rarity resort is the occurrence of endangered animal souslik, which here have as a mascot. He currently lives in the Czech Republic only in a few places, among the critically endangered species and is strictly protected. The specialty is also a snack on the small terrace on the tenth hole and the ability to order food directly from the last hole. Calm. Disqualification for use with mobile phones do not worry, it is placed on the phone. Bugs will find a real stickler. Perhaps only on the driving range is a bit away from the club here and there that you can hear car engines from the nearby road.


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